Monday, April 11, 2011

My Scrapbook Room!!

So right around Christmas time we decided it was time to do some rearranging. Since our oldest son had passed away his room which used to be the center of all activity was empty, and our girls needed more space. So we ended up moving the girls into his room and our youngest son into their room which left me with my own little retreat!! The best part about my room is the desk. It used to be my son's bed (we put a 6 foot table where the bed went), my husband had built it for him to house his medical supplies. We cut out some of the middle part and it is now a perfect fit for all my scrapbooking collection. :)

My Christmas present this year were the hanging shelves. They are to house my cartridges, one is full and I'm quickly working on the second!

On this side of the desk are Lane's (my son that passed away) items that were on it in his room with a few additions so it's kind of my mini-memory area. The drawers underneath have my cords/mats, etc. for my Expression, the middle drawer has pictures, and the bottom drawer has my punches.

On the other side is my Imagine. Below it are my paper packs and mats for the Imagine, there is a drawer below, but it still houses some of my son's medical supplies. (I just can't let go yet) On the top shelves are photo boxes two per child, one for pictures and one for non-picture scrapbook items.

This is what it looked like before.

Thanks for taking the time to look! Hope you have a wonderful day!!